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Castel Firmian Teroldego Riserva

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Teroldego is an indigenous varietal of Trentino that thrives in the Piana Rotaliana. Intense ruby red colour. Pleasant aromas of ripe fruit, prunes and blackcurrant. Full body and pleasant tannins balance well with fruity and light barrique. Ideal with stews, roasted or grilled red meats, and aged cheeses.

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Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Teroldego Rotaliano
750 ml
Grape Varieties:
  • 100% Teroldego
Castel Firmian Teroldego Riserva
More information:

Mezzacorona lies at the foot of the majestic Italian Dolomites. Its vineyards with pergola trellising, characteristic of the region, run from Lake Garda to the foothills of the towering Dolomites. A fresh and wild breeze blows from the over 400 lakes and numerous glaciers of the surrounding mountains, peaking at over 9,000 feet.

Thanks to a spectrum of microclimates, ranging from Mediterranean and Alpine, and profiting from over a century of winemaking experience, Mezzacorona planted varietals in the zones best tailored to the needs of each varietal, allowing them to flaunt the aromas and flavour of their terroir.

Through state-of-the-art facilities and modern winemaking techniques, Mezzacorona offers to the final consumer 100% single varietal wines characterized by all the vivid elegance and crispiness typical of the Italian Dolomites.

Commitment to the Environment:

For many years, Gruppo Mezzacorona has been heavily involved in reducing the impact of its activities on the local environment. In the early 1980’s, Gruppo Mezzacorona issued “The Protocol for a High-Quality Wine Production in Trentino”, a proposal aimed at regulating the cultivation, new vineyards, green care and other processes, in order to promote sustainable agriculture.

The facilities of Gruppo Mezzacorona have been designed with the environment in mind. Thanks to the collaboration with its member farmers, as they are the “guardians of the land”, Gruppo Mezzacorona has adopted a comprehensive approach to preserving the regional environment. The key components of their 360° approach to environmental sustainability are:

Reduction of chemical treatments: the correct use of copper and sulphur (permitted in organic cultivation). Our objective is to have no residual in the wine. All of our vineyards are treated following the concept of “sexual confusion”, a modern biological system used to fight harmful insects, by limiting their reproduction through pheromone over-stimulation, avoiding extra treatments.

Water management: water is a valuable resource (especially in Sicily). Gruppo Mezzacorona has adopted innovative irrigation systems, which maximise the use of water resources (for example drip irrigation system). Waste water is collected and treated with biological purifier (based on active mud technology) before going back to the rivers. In Sicily, Gruppo Mezzacorona created more than seven artificial rainwater reservoirs, in order to guarantee the supply only if and when needed.

Balanced vineyard management: A lot of attention is dedicated to vineyard selection and positioning. Further, vigilant pruning allow the grapes to ventilate optimally and to be well protected. This results in healthier plants.

Energy management: Gruppo Mezzacorona is actively engaged in increasing the production of green energy with the final objective of becoming energy independent. 70% of the wineries are underground, which helps reduce the use of air conditioning to keep the cellars cool. Photoelectric and solar panels, produce over 2 million kwh/year and the majority of the energetic needs are covered by hydroelectric supplies.

Waste management: A lot of attention goes to recycling and sorting garbage. Furthermore, Gruppo Mezzacorona continuously tries to reduce its carbon footprint by using dry materials which are lighter and/or produced locally.

Quality/Environmental certifications (IFS, BRC, EMAS, ISO 14000): All wineries adhere to the guidelines of the most common international certification institutes. Particularly, the Sicilian wineries were the first Italian wineries to receive the “Eco Management and Audit Scheme 2 Certification” (EMAS 2) for the entire production chain in 2002.


The first written document in which Teroldego is mentioned by name dates back to 1383 in the fields between Trento and Povo where a barrel of vinum teroldegum was used to pay the interest on a loan. At the time, it was grown between Rovereto and the Campo Rotaliano. Documents from the sixteenth century refer to its production in the area of Mezzolombardo, to which it has been associated for centuries up to this day. Elsewhere its use waned. 

Despite numerous attempts to acclimatise it in other regions, Teroldego remains deeply bound to its mountains and the unique environment of the Piana Rotaliana. The soil, rich with calcareous, granitic and porphyric rocks carried by the river Noce downstream, ensures a perfect drainage for rainwater; the cliffs, massive and vertical, protect the vines from the cold winds and reflect the heat absorbed from the sun: these conditions are exclusive to this environment and essential for enabling the wine to best express its mineral, floral and spicy character. 

In the mid-nineteenth century, the path of the Noce river was managed and diverted southward, leaving the Campo Rotaliano in its current geographical conformation and leading to a further factor of excellence for Teroldego: the fragmentation of the vineyards into many small plots has clearly highlighted the differences between each plot depending on its distance from the ancient riverbed. In fact, the various soils, that are predominantly rocky, gravely or sandy, transmit to the wine a real originality. Intensity, strength, depth, finesse as well as minerality, freshness, elegance: a profusion of widely divergent elements but that combined in perfect harmony have always allowed the wine, considered "Prince of Trentino”, to be the real expression of a land, its people, the Dolomites. 

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