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Enter.Sake Black Cup Honjozo 180ml

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A Sake with a delicate yet generour flavour profile. An alpine perfume in complemented by subtle notes of stone fruits. It has a clean structure and a soft taste with a reasonable level of acidity that guarantees a good texture with fruity notes of mango, peach and pineapple.

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Enter.Sake Black Cup Honjozo 180ml
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Founded in 1864, the winery is located in Sekiya Kitashitara-gun, in a passage in the Japanese Alps, between Nagoya and Nagano. For centuries the city has been a crossroads and a place of refreshment for travelers between the two destinations. The decision to locate the Sekiya brewery in this place was influenced by the abundance of pure water coming from the mountains that could be used to produce Sake as well as refueling the hikers.


180ml single-measure ready-to-drink cans have been a part of Japanese pop culture since they were introduced at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Up until recently, the cups contained a questionable quality Sake, mass produced and inexpensive, destined to be sold in Japanese supermarkets. Now however, premium Sake producers are eager to offer a high quality product that can satisfy both consumers and restaurants. Cups often have colorful and playful labels that make them aesthetically similar to crafted cans in the United States. Now in New York and San Francisco there are Sake bars where you can buy a cup of Sake.

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