Caorunn Gin

This remarkable gin is crafted from a unique blend of botanicals. Caorunn, pronounced ka-roon', is the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry, a Celtic botanical that forms the very soul of this gin. Infusing a total of eleven botanicals in the distillery's unique Copper Berry Chamber, Caorunn harnesses Scotland's unique natural resources and age old botanicals to mouth-watering effect.

Wild, foraged Scottish Highland botanicals include Rowan Berry, Bog Myrtle, Heather, Dandelion Leaf and Coul Blush Apple. Caorunn is hand-crafted in the Balmenach Distillery which is nestled deep in the stunning landscapes of Speyside in the Scottish Highlands. This premium, small-batch gin is made with the care and passion you would expect from the distillery's renowned Scottish spirit making expertise.

Caorunn is a modern London Dry gin with a dry and crisp, aromatic taste and a long, dry finish. Caorunn is traditionally served with cool fizzing tonic and slices of red apple to highlight its aromatic flavour profile, however this gin is beautifully versatile which means it's also perfect for any classic or contemporary cocktail.

Caorunn Gin