Jameson Distiller's Safe

The Distiller's Safe is a liquid representation of the work of Jameson Master Distiller, Brian Nation. It represents the versatility of distillate which they produce.

Aged solely in ex-bourbon casks it stays true to form with it distillate style flavours. This whiskey plays on the floral and fruity notes of the distillate. On the nose, you can get some of the white and stone fruit essence coming through, along with soft hints of spice. There is quite a creamy texture to the palate suggesting a high percentage of pot-still distillate, which delivers those bright fruit tones with a sweet warming finish.

Fantastc expression from The Jameson Whiskey Makers Series.

Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey, The Whiskey Makers Series.

Irish Whiskey,
700 ml


'Peaches and spice on the nose; elegant creamy texture with butterscotch on the finale', John Wilson, The Irish Times july 23 2016.