Perfect Pairings - Vinum Chablis & Lavantureux

Enjoy this stunning Chablis in a Vinum Chablis/Unoaked White wine glass to get the optimum experience!

Roland Lavantureux Chablis
A no-nonsense Chablis from the highly prized Kimmeridgian soil. Intense chalk and sea-shell minerality lends deep complexity while zesty citrus characteristics yields a wine that is both lively, fresh and classic.

Pairs perfectly with Riedel Vinum Chablis glasses. Launched in 1986, to this day Vinum remains the benchmark collection of the Riedel grape varietal specific glassware.

This set includes 1 bottle of Lavantureux Chablis and 1 pair of Vinum Chablis glasses.

Perfect Pairings - Riedel Vinum Chablis/Unoaked White Wine & Lavantureux Chablis