Compass Box Great King Street

Compass Box, Great King Street 'Artist's Blend', is a whisky which was created as a tribute to the blenders of old, who combined the powerful scotch single malts, with the delicste scotch grain whiskies to create a style which would soon take over the world.This whisky combines four components, two of which had been matured in 1st fill American standard barrells, a small parcel matured in a sherry butt, and the fourth aged in a custom toasted new French oak cask. These components come together to produce a complex full flavoured whisky which tantalizes the taste buds.This whisky delivers lots of fruits, from rich dried fruits, to lighter citrus fruits, balanced by an array of tropical spices. A fantastic full-flavoured and affordable dram.

Compass Box Great King Street Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky,
500 ml