Stone Barrel 'Boom' Session IPA 44cl can

Boom Session IPA is golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate continues the tropical fruit theme with flavours of lychee, mango and kiwi from a blend of American hops balanced by the delicate yet complex malt bill. The finish is smooth and dry with the tropical aromas continuing to shine.

Two homebrewers who decided to brew bigger. Niall Fitzgerald and Kevin McKinney are the founders, brewers and driving force behind Stone Barrel Brewing. They both have a huge passion and appetite for all things in craft beer, from making to drinking and everything in between. They launched Stone Barrel in November 2013 with one simple aim, to brew the kind of craft beers they love drinking. The good thing is - they love them all! Like most homebrewers, they dreamed of one day opening a brewery. So, after a lot of planning, stress, blood, sweat, tears and hugs, they’re here. they’re living the dream and dreaming of beer! It’s all good!

Stone Barrel 'Boom' Session IPA