Compass Box Asyla

Taking it's name from the plural of Asylum, Compass Box Asyla is a blended scotch whisky which is matured exclusively in first-fill bourbon casks. The connection with the word, Asyla, was to produce a whisky which resonates with 'madness and sanctuary' of an Asylum, a whisky which you can gain sanctuary with.In this sense, it is a light fragrant whisky, which has notes of orchard and stone fruits on the nose, along with a gentle smoke.The palate, is the picture of refinement with malt tones, orchard fruits, and soft spices tingling the palate.This is a whisky which you can return to tie and time again, approachable and delicate in kind, a truly refined scotch whisky.

Compass Box Asyla Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky,
700 ml
Food Pairing
As suggested by the WhiskyMakers of Compass Box themselves:Parmigiano-RegiannoRoughly chunk some bite size pieces into a bowl and serve as a snack or nibble before a meal. The cheese seems to magically amplify and elevate the delicate flavours of Asyla!