DWD Heritage Edition Irish Whiskey

Heritage reflects the changes in emphasis within Irish whiskey over the decades since the Jones Road distillery closed, and the first edition of this revived whiskey reflects how the original D.W.D. expressions would have evolved.

The reborn D.W.D. is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, both double and triple distilled, aged between five and ten years and matured mainly in first-fill American oak Bourbon casks. There is an emphasis on single malt for character and smoothness.

Nose: Warm and inviting as a veil of alluring aromas uncover a treasure chest of enticing nuances - soft chewy caramel, brioche dipped in honey, Madagascar vanilla pod and sun kissed raisins. This revelation of delight is soon replaced by another barrage of beauty as scents of toffee apple, citrus fruits, moist lemon drizzle cake and succulent sultanas arouse the senses. A whisper of candy floss and a prickle of sherbet freshness completes this tapestry of temptation.

Taste: Hedonistic and heart-warming as this noble spirit enriches the palate with an avalanche of rewarding flavours; creamy white chocolate, caffe latte, creme brulee and Doyenne pear. By holding this aged whiskey long in the mouth the warmth of the tongue helps to reveal another fusion of refinement soft liquorice, overripe pineapple, marzipan and roasted cashews.

Finish: A sophisticated coffret of fudge cake, freshly baked crusty bread and ginseng brings this power house of pleasure to a smooth and memorable close.

DWD Heritage Edition Irish Whiskey



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