Kikusui Funaguchi Ichibanshibori Sake Cup 200ml

Japan's  Number 1 Nama Sake!

Japan’s first Nama-Sake launched in 1972 pioneered the new trend of Nama-Sake sparking the Nama-sake boom. Being un-pasteurized and undiluted allows you to enjoy the fruity aroma and fresh full bodied flavour of this Sake, and 19% ABV gives you a high-impact sensory experience. Because of the delicate nature of un-pasteurized Sake, this product is sold in a can to shield it from the light. Being un-pasteurized, this can sake can be aged in your own fridge as long as you lilke. After 1 year or so, the flavour will turn mellower, developing a fuller, velvety mouth feel. You'll enjoy a completely different experience than when you try it in its youth.

Funaguchi has a rich, full-bodied flavour yet with a refreshing clean finish. unlike conventional sake (diluted with water to reduce alcohol down to around 15%), funaguchi is un-diluted,cask strength whopping 19% abv, making it a all-around performer - chilled, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails.

About the can... Funaguchi is an un-pasteurized and un-diluted type of Sake and as such it is surprisingly delicate. Like wine, the most damaging elements to the quality of sake are light, heat and the air. So in order to deliver the unique taste of freshly brewed Sake, KIKUSUI had to revise its brewing techniques. In order to protect this delicate Sake from the damaging light rays, they decided to use aluminum can to completely block out the light. They then filled the normally 180ml cans right to the top, to 200ml, to reduce the amount of air that could come into contact with the Sake. This way they could protect this delicate type of Sake allowing more people to enjoy the flavour of pure Sake previously only available to those lucky enough to visit the brewery.

Kikusui Funaguchi Ichibanshibori Sake Cup 200ml

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