Kilbeggan 21 year old

Kilbeggan 21 year old is a Blended Irish Whiskey that defines refinement in Irish Whiskey. This whiskey contains malt whiskey and grain whiskey aged in Bourbon, Port, Sherry and Madeira wine casks. These 4 elements make for a vast array of flavours with fruit and soft spice throughout.

On the nose there's a soft sweetness from the grain content, this is followed by an array of rich and tropical fruits, varying as you continue to nose. The palate is soft and elegant, the longer you allow this to sit on your palate the more the flavour spectrum will develop. Touches of malt spice, rich fruits, toasted oak, and a touch of nuttiness. A fantastic expression from the Kilbeggan Distilling company.

Kilbeggan 21 year old Limited Edition Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey,
700 ml