Knappogue Castle 16 year old Single Malt

Colour: Medium deep reddish goldAromas:Intense aromatic, rich, malty, fruity, spicy, nutty, vanilla, dusty dark chocolate, good age complexityTaste:Really deep and complex, nutty sherry maltiness, fruity, dusty dark chocolate, spicy, pleasant woodiness, vanilla notes, slightly peppery, some sweetness, mellow and roundedFinish: Nice sherried maltiness, some sweetness and dark chocolate lingering

Knappogue Castle 16 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey,
700 ml


"The greater age of this Knappogue expression serves to enhance and intensify the flavour of this single malt whiskey; and the sherry finish adds a further layer of taste complexity. The result is an Irish malt whiskey that ranks with the very best of the world's single malts." - Knappogue Whiskey"Knappogue Castle Twin Wood , bottled in 2010, is a 16-year-old Irish whiskey with a slight amber tinge to its golden hue, and a much more prominent taste. Triple distilled, Knappogue Castle's characteristically smooth, mellow flavor is enhanced by the nutty sherried nuances of yeasty oak, apples, and olives. Only 1,900 signed and numbered bottles are being offered, making this an Irish whiskey as individualistic as the 1951 vintage it celebrates."Richard Carlton Hacker—The Robb Report, March 2010