Lafou El Sender

Deep red in colour with ruby luminosity. Displaying a wide range of aromas with equal sensations of volume, maturity and freshness. It is in this freshness that notes of blackberry and light balsamic emerge, on a bed of Kermes oak and dried flowers that form a fragrance of great volume and personality that resonates with Terra Alta.

On the palate it is marked by the convincing lightness of black grenache. It is a wine in which the freshness/volume duality goes hand-in-hand, with a refreshing and filling sensation on the palate. Fresh fruit combined with spices and liquorice interplay with the mouthwatering sweetness and soft tannins that form the overall structure.

"From the Roqueta family, long in the business and doing innovative work. This Garnacha with a dash of Syrah and Morenillo has rich and fleshy flavours of blueberry, liquorice and green pepper. Terra Alta is a great source of high-quality value wines." 91 points, Sarah Jane Evans MW, Decanter Magazine

"Delicious and sophisticated, overflowing with plump sweet strawberries and a touch of tangy liquorice. Full-bodied yet fresh. Drink with something substantial - a rare grilled steak?" - John Wilson, Wilson on Wine 2016"

"The use of oak is restrained here (one of the distinguishing features of this impressive Terra Alta winery) allowing the fruit to express itself. It's a subtle, finely crafted blend of mostly Garnacha with 30% Syrah and 10% Morenillo (yup, I had to to look that one up, too), showing, sweet red fruits, subtle vanilla spice, bright acidity and polished tannins." 91 points, Tim Atkin MW

Lafou El Sender

Spain, Terra Alta.
Grape 1:
Grenache (60%)
Grape 2:
Syrah (30%)
Grape 3:
Morenillo (10%)
Off Dry