Irish Delights: Moineir Strawberry & Blackberry Wine

Gift Packaging

This uniquely Irish wine gift contains one bottle each of Moineir Strawberry & Moineir Blackberry wine, packaged in a gift carton.

Moineir Strawberry Wine: Moineir, Gaelic for meadows, is created from hand-picked Irish strawberries. It takes about one hundred and fifty strawberries to produce each bottle. Gently pressed to yield their juices, then carefully fermented and aged to a golden-red hue, Moineir is dancing with the aromas of summer, the taste is complex and alluring on the palate. A hint of sweetness gives way to a full-bodied flavour, tapering to a crisp finish.Food Pairings: Alfresco eating and Moineir Strawberry Wine are a sublime combination. Being moderately low in alcohol the wine is an excellent companion for grilled fish, meats, salads and fruits, light lunches or simply as an aperitif.

Moineir Blackberry Wine: Capturing the essence of late summer in the Irish countryside, blackberries have been blended with wild elderberries to create a light-bodied, dry wine with intense fruity flavours. The perfect companion for poultry, game, lamb and mature cheeses. Low in sulphites and suitable for vegans.

Irish Delights: Moineir Strawberry & Blackberry Wine Gift Set



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