World Whiskey Appreciation Course - CHQ

Mitchell & Son’s World Whisk(e)y Appreciation Course with Fionnan O'Connor, author of 'A Glass Apart'Consecutive Wednesdays at 7pm from 17th JanuaryMitchell & Son, CHQ Building, IFSC, Docklands, Dublin Tel: 01 612 5540
Email: chq@mitchellandson.com
€160 per personMitchell & Son Wine Merchants are delighted to announce the details of our ‘World Whiskey Appreciation Course’ to be held in January and February 2018.The aim of our ’World Whiskey Appreciation Course’ is to explore and understand the vast array of Whiskeys on offer today in Ireland. The course will provide an opportunity for whiskey drinkers of all levels to explore Whiskey with a strong emphasis on tasting, so as to gain an appreciation for the variety of flavours and styles available in Ireland today. We will taste 6 whiskeys per class, with the possibility of a few special extras.For further details, click on 'More Information' below.

World Whiskey Appreciation Course @ Mitchell & Son CHQ