Lustau 125th Anniversary Gift Set 3x50cl

Lustau 125th anniversary Gift Set - the Legacy Collection. 

Lustau launches a very special and limited bottling for the occasion. Cellar Master, Sergio Martinez, has selected three incredible and unique sherry wines. Three wines, three towns and three types of ageing, representing the legacy and the know-how of the last 25 years at Lustau. 

Manzanilla Pasada Papirusa

A mature, grown and seductive Papirusa. this Manzanilla shows the very unique and breathtaking personality of Sanlucar de Barrameda. 

Aromas of green hay, star anise and baked apples. with dry flowers on the background accompanied by honey and honeycomb. Surprisingly creamy and unctuous, resulting from its extra ageing as Manzanilla Pasada. A mature, evocative and irresistible Manzanilla. 

Amontillado Solera del Castillo

Boundless, untamed and raw. The kind of Amontillado that only El Puerto de Santa Maria can offer. Intense and vigorous, full of complex nuances. Aromas of noble wood over a background of wafer biscuits, dried fruit and sweet spices. On the palate it's sharp, dry and very saline. A smoky and toasted finish with notes of dried apricots and nougat. 

Vintage Sherry Añada 1996

Unique, rare and unrepeatable wine that invites you to discover a new experience of the Palomino grape. Intense and fragrant, with aromas of glazed fruits, peach and nectarine, liquorice  and hints of ginger over a spiced background. Rich and mellow, sweet and balsamic. Cocoa. sweet spices and quince jelly notes over a syrupy and toasted background. Long and pronounced aftertaste, balanced and fresh.

Lustau 125th Anniversary Sherry Gift Set 3x50cl

Spain, Jerez, Sherry.
3 x 50cl


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