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About Us

Explore the history of this seventh generation Irish wine and spirits business.

Robert Mitchell


Mitchell & Son Wine Merchants was established in 1805 and is currently run by the 6th and 7th generations of the Mitchell family.

William Mitchell came to Ireland from the North of England in the early 1800s and set up a bakery business in Fairview. In 1805 he purchased No. 10 Grafton Street (where McDonalds is located today) and started a business that included a bakery, coffee shop and confectionery business. This very soon became Dublin’s most fashionable premises in which to be seen sipping “coffee.”

George Patrick Mitchell, son of William Mitchell, succeeded his father.

In 1850 Mitchells were appointed confectioners “To Her Majesty Queen Victoria”.

Robert, son of George, continued to run the Grafton Street business. He then decided to open a dedicated wine business at 21 Kildare Street in 1887. This beautiful Georgian house was built in the 1700s and purchased from John Hely Hutchinson, Provost of Trinity College.

Robert was succeeded by his widow Agnes Fairbairn Jury (of the original family of Jurys Hotels). Her only son Robert Noel Mitchell succeeded her in the Grafton Street business, while a nephew Harold Mitchell ran the Kildare Street business. When Harold died, the running of Kildare Street passed to Robert (Bobbie) Mitchell, grandson of the original Robert Mitchell. Bobbie was very involved in the business all his life until his passing in 1997.

Upon the death of his close friend, the rebel Robert Emmet, William Mitchell decreed that all the first born children of each generation of the Mitchell family shall be called Robert. This tradition continues right up to this day.

Barrels of Bordeaux on the way to Mitchell's from Dublin Port in the 1930's

Bobbie’s son Jonathan started work in the business in the mid 1960s, and in 1995 Jonathan’s son Robert joined the company, thus continuing the family tradition.

Mitchells opened another wine shop in 1997 at Glasthule Road, Sandycove, Co Dublin.

Like Mitchells, many of the other companies in the wine trade were family businesses, but one by one they were taken over by multinationals. Mitchells always resisted this option, preferring to keep the company within the control of the Mitchell family: so it remains to this day the only wine company in Ireland of its era to be owned and run by the descendants of the founder.

Mitchells have always looked at opportunities to improve and expand their business. In November 2008, the family sold the building in Kildare Street and moved to the CHQ Building in the thriving financial centre (IFSC) in Dublin 1.

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell & Robert Mitchell

The Spot Whiskeys

Mitchell & Son traditionally marked their whiskeys with a daub or ‘spot’ of paint to identify how long the barrels would be matured for. Blue for 7 years, Green for 10 years, Yellow for 12 years and Red for 15 years—hence the name Spot Whiskey.

Green Spot

The Living Relic of the Days of the Whiskey Bonders

Green Spot

The Living Relic of the Days of the Whiskey Bonders

Yellow Spot

The Rebirth of a Revered Irish Brand

Yellow Spot

The Rebirth of a Revered Irish Brand