The French Connection

Gift Packaging

This premium wine gift contains 1 bottle each of Domaine de la Madone Fleurie and Domaine Garnier Chablis available in a 2 bottle wooden gift box, designer gift box or gift carton.

Now also available in a 6 bottle gift carton or wooden box containing 3 bottles each of the red and white wine.

Domaine de la Madone Fleurie: Ripe, sweet berry fruit on the nose. A classic Gamay from the most famous of the Beaujolais Crus. Packed with layers of fruit, good structure and balance, this fine Fleurie is very convincing on the palate. The finish is complex, lasting and harmonious.

Domaine Garnier Chablis: Domaine Garnier's entire production is made using wild yeast fermentation. It's risky and slow, but the payoff is a wine of much greater complexity having spent so much time on its lees. Fruity, unctuous character. The aromatic expression tends to notes of candied lemon and apricot while keeping its characteristic Chablis freshness. A racy streak of minerality adds to the zest and complexity of this wine.

The French Connection: Fleurie & Chablis Wine Gift Set



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