Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc/Loire | Box of 2


The search for the perfect Sauvignon Blanc glass has taken Riedel to the four corners of the globe, involved hundreds of tasters, and became its largest ever search for the optimum glass shape.

This glass is ideally suited to Sauvignon Blanc wines as well as dessert wines and a handful of other grape varieties and appellations listed here:

  • Sauvignon Blanc including from Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Marlborough, etc.
  • Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley (Vouvray, Anjou Blanc), South Africa and others
  • Furmint, Tokaji (dry and sweet)
  • Sauternes, Monbazillac, Jurançon moelleux, Barsac, German sweet Riesling (Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese), Muscat, Quarts de Chaume, Lambrusco, Vins Liquoreux
  • Malvazija, Müller-Thurgau, Chasselas, Traminer, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer

Item number: 6416/33

Height: 214mm

VINUM is executed in lead crystal, machine blown in Bavaria, Germany.

6416/33 Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc/Loire | Box of 2


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