Teeling Single Grain Cabernet Cask Finish

Teeling Single Grain, is made from a spirit which is continuously distilled in column stills using a mash of 97% corn and 3% malted barley. This creates a soft sweet style of distillate, which is then fully matured for on average 7 years in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels.

Naturally dark copper, 'berry' red in colour. On the nose, it is spicy with fruit notes intermingling with an underlining sweetness. Flavours of strong spice at the start evolving into rich red berries fruit and drying tannin at the end. The finish is dry, dominated by wood and spice. A flavoursome addition to the Single Grain category of Irish whiskey.

World's Best Grain, World Whiskies Awards 2014

"Produced by the next generation of the Teeling family - brothers Jack and Stephen - this is a superb whiskey that will appeal to wine lovers with an open mind and palate...This is a single-grain whiskey aged not in sherry or even bourbon casks, but rather in red wine casks. This shows that the Teelings aren't just custodians of an independent Irish wehiskey legacy, but more importantly, are a key part of the evolution of Irish whiskey. This is the exact opposite of pandering to a historical sense of Irishness or a tourism play - the Teelings want to explore whiskey's future rather than its past. The whiskey itself is dazzling - toasty caramel with dark chocolate and smoky tones leap from the glass, soft glossy vanillin and butterscotch notes follow, with a flicker of smoke hitting the palate and leading to fine citric notes on the layered finish." - Tomas Clancy, The Sunday Business Post, 22nd June 2014

Teeling Single Grain Cabernet Cask Finish Irish Whiskey



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