Chateau de Laubade 1900 Millenium Cuvee

"Château de Laubade is located in Sorbets in the Gers region of France. It seems that this 'expression' spent more than 80 years in wood, hence that it was never poured into demijohns and never saw 'le Paradis'. Newer versions of this emblematic vintage are rather easy to find and probably five times cheaper than what any fake malt whisky from 1900 would cost. Colour: brown/chestnut. Nose: starts extremely empyreumatic and, I must say, very beautiful even if it's rather extreme in its woodiness. Tons of mint, leather (horse saddle), eucalyptus, old turpentine, oil paint and pure pine resin 'from the tree', all at first nosing. Calms down a bit after that, getting rounder and smoother, much more on bitter chocolate, marron glacé, beef stock, very old balsamic vinegar from Modena and yellow Chartreuse. Keeps developing for a very long time but gets back to eucalyptus/mint, with also a little camphor but much less than in, say an old Islayer. Speaking of which, there's a little smoke coming through after a while, hints of gunflints, dark toffee… This is hugely complex and in no way just an oddity. And yes, it could also have been a very, very old Macallan! Mouth: well, it is kind of a wood decoction I must say, and as expected it's far less interesting and complex than on the nose, but it is drinkable and, above all, very moving. As for descriptors, let's say bitter chocolate with mint and cough drops plus 'old' cloves. Finish: a little short but still clean and pleasantly dry and chocolaty, reminding me of a very old cherry (palo cortado.) Comments: I would not have imagined that this 1900 would have stood time in such beautiful manner on the nose, especially after more than 80 years in some of Armagnac's typical 400 litres casks." SGP:272 – 90 points, Whiskeyfun

Chateau de Laubade 1900 Millenium Cuvee Vintage Armagnac Brandy

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