Riedel Vinum Syrah | Box of 2


The classic Syrah/Shiraz glass of the established Vinum collection is shaped to deliver the classic Syrah aromas of red fruit, spice and black olives. On the palate, it brings out the wine's silky, velvety structure and balanced flavours. The tannins melt into the fruit, appearing sweet rather than acerbic on the back palate.

This shape was developed between 1993 and 1995 following tastings in the major Syrah growing regions, when most influential winemakers contributed their views on how the message of their wines should be put across.The wines made from the Australian grape variety Shiraz, give a deep purple, almost inky colour. The nose resembles intense, rich blackberry aromas. The flavors on the palate show mouth filling fruit, massive structure and a long sweet finish. The Syrah glass highlights the tannins, offering a perfect balance with the overwhelmingly concentrated fruit.

Recommended for: Syrah/Shiraz, Carménère, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Pinotage, Tannat

Item number: 6416/30

Height: 236 mm

Widest diameter: 95 mm

6416/97 Riedel Vinum Syrah/Shiraz Wine Glass | Box of 2


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