Writer's Tears Red Head

Writer's Tears 'Red Head' is a Single Malt bottling from the Walsh Whiskey Distillery. This is the distillery's newest release and has been greeted with fantastic reviews. This bottling is matured in 100% oloroso sherry casks, the name being relative to the red hue which the maturation process gives to the whiskey.

On the nose this whiskey is excellent, with a spectacular array of fruit. Turning from the tropical to slightly darker notes more associated with the sherry cask, but not over-powering.

The palate has great complexity, again playing forward with the fruitier nature reminiscent of the stills which this distillate would have been produced. The barley elements are clear with a balancing fruit centre that follows the light spices of the sherry casks. Again not overly pronounced sherry, more refined and delicate.

The finish is smooth, long, and fresh, typical of the Writer's Tears range. This whiskey is a major contender for best value for money on the market.

Writer's Tears Red Head Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey,
700 ml